Vorsorge und Früherkennung

Integral Check-Up “Men´s Health”

Recomended to men of any age with:

  •  - Sexual dysfunctions, especially erectile dysfunction and low sexual desire
  •  - Testosterone deficit syndrome (Andropause) or symptoms like decreased energy and muscle mass, lower concentration capacity, memory and sleeping problems, irritability...
  •  - Sexual dysfunction in combination with cardial disorders or high blood pressure
  •  - Antecedents of andrological or urological diseases
  •  - or as a general preventive check-up

1st Appointment (afternoons aprox. 90-120min)

Andrological and Urological Check (Dr Schulten, Dr Schnabl)
There will be plenty of time for the patient to explain all aspects of his problems, afterwards we realize a physical examination and high resolution ultrasound of the urinary tract (prostate, bladder, kidneys) and testicles, follwed by prescription of individualized lab tests and issuance of a preliminary report

Internal Medicine (Dr Reisbeck, Dr Lorenzo)
Consultation, global physical examination, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, ultrasound abdomen and neck (thyroid gland or carotid artery), general and dietary recommendations, preliminary report with prescription of individualized lab tests


2nd Appointment (mornings, aprox. 15 min)

Delivery of urine sample, blood sample

3rd Appointment(afternoons, aprox 60min)

Overall assessment of test results and patients situation (envolved doctors meet about 20 minutes to discuss every patient in detail). Development of an individualized and integral therapeutic concept together with the patient, delivery of prescriptions and final report

Check-ups and Specific Health Programs

Urological Check-up

Dr Schulten, Dr Schnabl

  •  - Consultation
  •  - Physical examination
  •  - Urine analisis
  •  - High resolution ultrasound of the urological tract (kidneys, bladder, prostate) and testicles
  •  - Recommendations and prescriptions

Check-up for Sexually Transmitted Deseaes (STD)

Which type of tests do I need and how often I have to do them?

In Men's Health Clinic we advise you in a completely individualized way depending on actual an accumulated STD-risks.

Antiaging Therapies

Dra Manojlovic

  •  - Managing emotions and stress
  •  - Personalized exercise
  •  - Nutrition (macro and micro nutrition)
  •  - Hormonal balance
  •  - Detoxification

Diagnosis and therapy of Hair Loss

Dr Pissano

  •  - Techniques for hair tissue recovery
  •  - Medical treatment
  •  - If necessary information on the most advanced hair transplant techniques, hair grafting and hair implants