Patient Information

Men's Health Clinic – a new concept of integral Men's health.

Men's Health Clinic at Hospital CERAM offers an innovative concept of health care designed by medical experts for males. Managing your health is our mission.

Therefore we have have put together a team of medical experts who have extensive training in their medical specialty gained in various international hospitals and clinics and who are committed to research and the introduction of technological advances in their daily practice in order to offer a diagnosis and personalized treatment and solve the patients pathology with maximum efficiency.

We have a clear objective: to identify and treat personal health risks. Early detection and early treatment of health problems, are the pillars of our strategy.

All doctors and staff speak Spanish and English fluently (some doctors speak German, Rumanian, Russian, we provide information on request):

  • Dr Erik Schulten - Urology and Andrology, Sexual Transmitted Deseases
  • Dr Gundula Schnabl - Urology, Andrology and Urology for women
  • Prof Dr Ulf Tunn - Urology, Prostatic Deseases
  • Dr Manuela Reisbeck - Internal Medicine and General Medicine
  • Dr Yovanka Manojlovic - Aesthetic Medicine, Sports Medicine, Nutrition, Antiaging
  • Dr Nestor Pissano - Hair Transplant and Hair Micrograft
  • Dr Christoffer Ingves - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
  • Dr Antonio Pascual Vergara - Rheumatology
  • Lidia Martínez Suárez - Clinical Psychology, Sexology
  • Carmen Ortíz Fajardo - Psychology
  • Bernardo Ruíz Victoria - Clinical Psychology, Treatment of addictions to alcohol, nicotin and other drugs, addictive behavior in general
  • Judith Benchimol - Nursing
  • Nicole Czahar - Secretary and Public Relations