Terapia de las Adicciones

Dependence on alcohol or other addictive substances is, of course, a serious problem affecting the health of the person suffering in the broadest sense of the word.

Moreover, it is a problem that affects one of the essential elements of human beings: freedom.

The person who develops alcohol dependence is losing its ability to decide if you drink or not drink in certain situations, gradually loses self-control of their own behavior, ultimately: is losing its freedom.

We therefore consider it a disease, because it affects the personal balance between the patient and his environment, and because proper treatment to recover from it is required.

However it is not a common disease that can be "cured" by taking certain medications, by surgery or some other common medical procedure.

Learning to overcome situations of anxiety, depression, states of nerves, to reject invitations from others, to organize free time and learn and prepare for dangerous situations that could lead to a relapse, are the pillars of an effective treatment that allows a person to stay without drinking and live better. Our therapy has unique characteristics in the way it is carried out and in its results. Our psychological treatment to stop drinking is adapted to the personal needs of every patient, treating with due discretion, professionalism and warmth, seeking individual solutions to each situation.

Our medical and psychological treatment to stop drinking alcohol or consume other addictive substances will help:

  • Understanding the reason for your problem.
  • Learn to manage anxiety, depression.
  • Regain self-esteem and emotional well-being.
  • Learning to overcome situations of risk of relapse.
  • Providing freedom from dependence on alcohol and other drugs.
  • Learning to live without addictions.